How Many Of These 12 Things Did You Know?

Jamaica is a land full of history and all sorts of interesting things to learn and know. Here are just a dozen of these things:

1. This town clock’s tower was paid for by one of Jamaica’s German settlers and he designed it to look like a German (Prussian)soldier’s helmet.


2. Who said “I would rather die in yonder gallows than be a slave another day” ?

Sam Sharpe.

3. Where in Jamaica had piped water before New York City did?

Falmouth. A 20 foot water wheel was installed in 1799 on lands at Martha Brae, which was turned by the current of the stream and emptied about 100 gallons of water per revolution into a wooden trough approximately 20 feet elevation. A six-inch main carried the water for about a mile into a large tank in the town square of Falmouth. The town square is still called “Water Square” as a result.

4. What is the tea made from Love Bush good for?

Colic, asthma and “mirasmi.”

5. Who declared that he would ascend to heaven on December 31st and descend back to Jamaica on January 3rd?

Alexander Bedward.

6. You can burn these leaves to keep away duppy.

Croton. (aka Rosemary)