List: Jamaica Government Twitter Handles

Ok, we found 47 so far.  If you know of others, tell us below in the comments section so we can add them.  You can follow all of them at our Twitter public list:

And be sure to search our diG Jamaica directories for even more information about Government Ministries and agencies – contact info, descriptions, agency board members etc.

  1. Jamaica House @OPMJamaica
  2. Jamaica Information Service News @JISNews
  3. Jamaica Information Service TV @JIS TV
  4. Jamaica Tax Administration @JamaicaTax
  5. Ministry of Youth and Culture @myscJamaica
  6. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries @agriministryja
  7. Ministry of National Security @NatSecurityJa
  8. Ministry of Education @MOEJamaica
  9. Ministry of Tourism @TourismJamaica
  10. Jamaica Business Development Corporation @JBDCJamaica
  11. Broadcasting Commission Of Jamaica @BCJamaica
  12. National Housing Trust @theNHT
  13. Early Childhood Commission @ECCJA
  14. Electoral Office Of Jamaica @ECJamaica
  15. Access To Information Unit @atiunitJamaica
  16. Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management @ODPEM
  17. Heart Trust NTA @HeartTrustNTA
  18. Met Service @metserviceJa
  19. Jamaica Customs @jacustoms
  21. e-learning Jamaica @elearningja
  22. Urban Development Company @UDCJamaica
  23. JAMPRO Creative Industries @jamprocreative
  24. NEPA @nepaJamaica
  25. National Gallery of Jamaica @natgalleryja
  26. JAMPRO Film @filmJamaica
  27. Jamaica Tourist Board @askJamaica
  28. Jamaica National Family Planning Board @JNFPB
  29. Children’s Registry @OCRJA
  30. Bureau Of Standards @StandardsJa
  31. Jamaica Intellectual Property Office @jipo_govjm
  32. Child Development Agency @CDAJM
  33. Jamaica Cultural Development Commission @jcdcjamaica
  34. Jamaica Foundation For Lifelong Learning @jfllalert
  35. Jamaica National Heritage Trust @JNHTJamaica
  36. National Road Safety Council @NRSCJamaica
  37. Institute of Jamaica @instituteofJa
  38. JCDC Jamaica – Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Office @JCDC_KSA
  39. Jamaica Productivity Center @JAMPRODCEN
  40. National Youth Service @NYService
  41. Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) @KSACORP
  42. National Export Strategy Secretariat @JAMAICA_NES
  43. Land Information Council of Jamaica @LICJ_NSDMD
  44. Jamaica Constabulary @JamaicaConstab
  45. Jamaica Defence Force @JamaicaMilitary
  46. Jamaica Post @JamaicaPost
  47. National Export-Import Bank Of Jamaica @EXIMBankJa

What other list of Twitter handles would you like to have? Jamaican politicians? Jamaican businesses? Jamaican NGOs?  Let us know!