Lindy In The Paper: 10 Gleaner Headlines Hailing The Great Lindy Delapenha

A cursory search of the Gleaner’s newspaper archives (which offers more than one million newspaper pages online) on veteran journalist and sportsman Lloyd  Lindberg ‘Lindy’ Delapenha will turn up 511 results (to date of this post’s publication). He was not only well-known as a broadcast and sporting legend in Jamaica, but also well-loved. We’ve curated some of the headlines depicting who he was and how he was represented in The Gleaner’s pages over the years. For copies of these pages, or information on more headlines on Lindy carried over the years, please contact The Gleaner’s library.

Lloyd  Lindberg ‘Lindy’ Delapenha | Born: May 25, 1927 | Died: January 26, 2017

1945: This time, when the island lamented the fact that he was a gem of a schoolboy athlete, leaving the country to go to England.

1954: This time, when they hailed him ‘King of the Wing’ for his stellar performance with English football team, Middlesbrough.

1966: This time, when he wrecked Ian Sturdy’s chance of victory in the men’s Western Championship golf tournament.

1970: This time when, as director of sports for the then Jamaica Broadcasting Commission (JBC), he took on the task of reporting the Ninth British Commonwealth Games on JBC Radio.

1975: This time when, along with six other West Indian athletes, he was voted into the Black American Hall of Fame.

1999: This time, when the Gleaner hailed him as one of the 20 greatest Jamaican athletes of the century.

2006: This time, when the Gleaner hailed him as one of the all-time Top 10 Jamaican sportspersons.

2006: This time when Andre Jebbinson, then staff reporter at The Gleaner, reported him as saying (of his time commentating on sports with the JBC): “It was the greatest thing in the world to be talking about something I love. It made me happy.”


2009: This time when Columnist Gordon Robinson recognised the stellar work he had done as a leader in sports at different levels in Jamaica.

2011: This time, when they introduced the Lindy Delapenha Challenge to the Herman McDonald Memorial Golf Tournament, in his honour.


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