‘Leap’ Into Jamaica

A view from Lover’s Leap

Love. Is there any emotion stronger than it?

A ‘little’ well known place nestled in St. Elizabeth has built a reputation for itself around the word ‘love’. The Santa Cruz Mountains gives way at Jamaica’s south coast and reveals a  1,700 ft vertical drop down to the waves crashing on Cutlass Bay below. You can see for miles out into the Caribbean Sea and with a view as far as Rocky Point in Clarendon to Treasure Beach, Lovers Leap is a little peace of heaven right here on Earth.

Lovers Leap received it’s name from a classic Jamaican tale. It is said that two slaves fell deeply in love. The slave master had plans for the slave girl and sold the male slave in an effort to have the girl for himself. The male slave escaped and they ran off together. Unfortunately, they were hunted down and in their final moments, chose to leap from the high cliff rather than be caught.

Lovers Leap has a magnificent and breath-taking view from the cliff as the shades of blue from the sea and the sky seem to blend into one.  The view is surpassed by none and the introduction of the Lovers Leap restaurant, lighthouse and observation desk makes it an ideal spot for a  light lunch and a stunning view.

Lovers Leap is not only about looks however, as one of the local villas has access to a trial that leads down to Cutlass Bay below. A 3 hour hike is in store for all nature lovers who want a hands on experience with Lovers Leap which does not involve jumping. Lovers Leap was closed for a number of months but reopened in March 2012. The areas around Lover’s Leap also offers entertaining and captivating activities.

The Lovers Leap lighthouse is also a sight to below and is famous for being the most recently constructed lighthouse in Jamaica powered by electricity, generator and battery.

Be a part of the movement. Explore Jamaica. ‘Leap’ into Jamaica. You will never know if you never try.