6 Quick Fixes For A Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Outfit

Usually when we picture our New Year’s Eve, we think of it as perfect. You will know exactly what you’re doing for the night; you will know what to wear; and you have your eyes on the one you’re going to kiss. In reality none of this usually works out. I can’t help you with all the problems, but I can help you with one – putting a list minute outfit together for New Year’s Eve.


For Men

My advice is pretty simple. Dress appropriately for the dress code and then kick it up a notch.

Quick Fix #1

For a semi-formal party, at the very last minute, you would have chosen to wear a button down shirt and dress pants with comfortable shoes. Add some pizazz with a fitted blazer in a colour other than black. Make it interesting.

Quick Fix #2

For a casual party you would have probably decided to go with a pair of jeans and a graphic tee. Put a little more effort into the look by switching out the t-shirt for a button down with long sleeves. The final presentation would be a button down with rolled up sleeves and simple accessories. You will remain casual but with a little more maturity and sex appeal.

Quick Fix #3

If the shoe fits, wear it! You’re a guy but with a simple outfit you may need to take a tip from Cinderella. Keep the whole outfit casual and knock it out of the park with a unique pair of shoes. You’re bound to get a whole lot of attention on New Year’s Eve night!


For Women

Quick Fix #1

The little black/white dress is your friend. Nothing is easier to play with than a blank palette. After that, you can accessorise as much as you want. Statement necklaces layered on top of one another or any kind of over-the-top bling is great.

Quick Fix #2

Follow the lead. Similar to the advice I gave to the men, take a leaf out of Cinderella’s book. Find that pair of shoes you never thought you would be brave enough to wear. Go crazy!

Quick Fix #3

Make yourself up! If you’re too lazy to dress up then spend some time on your makeup. If you’re doing high-wasted shorts, cropped top and sandals this year just ensure that your makeup is stiff competition. Bold colours like red lips or shimmery aqua eyeshadow will add some glamour to your simple outfit.

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