#JaVotes2016 – Meet Your MPs: St Elizabeth

Hugh Buchanan – St Elizabeth South Western

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Hugh Buchanan is the current Member of Parliament for the St Elizabeth South Western constituency. Here are some facts about him:

  1. He is the son of Donald Buchanan, who served as MP for the constituency for four consecutive terms. He is the only sitting MP whose father served before in the same seat that he now represents.
  2. He is a past student of Kingston College.
  3. Buchanan won a scholarship to the International School of Physical Education and Sports in Havana, Cuba, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in physical education and sports.
  4. After returning from Cuba in 2005, he taught at the Black River High School.
  5. He is a member of the board of directors for ParlAmericas (Parliamentarians for the Americas), an independent forum for parliamentarians of the Americas committed to cooperative political dialogue and participation in the inter-American system.