#JaVotes2016 – Meet Your MPs: Kingston

Kingston Western – Desmond McKenzie


Kingston Western Member of Parliament Desmond McKenzie has had quite an accomplished political career. Here are some facts about him:

  1. Desmond Anthony McKenzie was born on December 1, 1952, the last of five children (four boys and one girl) in western Kingston.
  2. His career in politics spans more than close to four decades, having first been elected councillor for the Denham Town division in West Kingston from 1977 to 1984. He was later elected councillor for the Tivoli Gardens division in 1990.
  3. He was elected mayor of Kingston in 2003, and in 20014, he was elected to the board of directors of the World Conference of Mayors.
  4. McKenzie became a JLP deputy leader in 2009, when he replaced Derrick Smith as head of Area Council One, which covers the Corporate Area. He was nominated to the position in 2011.
  5. He used to be a DJ and sound system operator. McKenzie got into the music business in 1969, spinning records under the name Soul Exuma, and later started the Exuma sound system. He hosts The Mayor’s Parlour on Nationwide Radio, playing vintage records.
  6. He has been married for close to 40 years to Marcia, and has five children.