#JaVotes2016 – Meet The Newbies: First-Time PNP Candidates

Marsha Francis, Daren Powell, Ashley-Ann Foster, Wynter McIntosh
Marsha Francis, Daren Powell, Ashley-Ann Foster, Wynter McIntosh

Election Day 2016 is just around the corner. The candidates have been nominated and are ready to go! The major political parties, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the People’s National Party (PNP) will field 63 candidates each, and both rosters boast a number of fresh, new faces. Below is a list of the political neophytes from the PNP camp:

  1. Victor Wright – Trelawny Northern
  2. Lloyd Gillings – Trelawny Southern
  3. Desmond Gilmore – St Ann North Eastern
  4. Marsha Francis – St Thomas Western
  5. Vernon Hemmings – Portland Western
  6. Imani Duncan-Price – St Andrew East Rural
  7. Lisa-Ann Edwards – St Andrew North Eastern
  8. Donovan Isaacs – St Andrew North Western
  9. Jacqueline Taylor-O’Gilvie – St Andrew North Central
  10. Norma Lindsay-Outar – Clarendon Central
  11. Dr Desmond Brennan – Clarendon North Central
  12. Patricia Duncan-Sutherland – Clarendon South East
  13. Norris Grant – St Catherine Central
  14. Phylis Mitchell – St Catherine North East
  15. Clinton Clarke – St Catherine West Central
  16. Courtney Spence – St Catherine South Central
  17. Rudyard Mears – St Catherine South Western
  18. Evon Redman – St Elizabeth North Eastern
  19. Daren Powell – St Elizabeth North Western
  20. Michael Stewart – Manchester Southern
  21. Ashley-Ann Foster – St James Central
  22. Noel Donaldson – St James East Central
  23. Anthony Henry – St James North Western
  24. Wynter McIntosh – Hanover Eastern