#JaVotes2016 – Know Your Constituencies: St Ann

St Ann South Eastern

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The constituency of St Ann South Eastern was created in 1959, when the number of seats was increased from 32 to 45 as a result of an advancement in the constitution. The parish of St Ann got two additional constituencies. The boundaries were realigned and new constituencies were created, namely – St Ann South Eastern, St Ann North Western, St Ann North Eastern and St Ann South Western.

St Ann South Eastern is defined by the following boundaries: From a point where the Johns Vale Forest Reserve Boundary touches the St Catherine parish boundary, easterly along the parish boundary to the St Mary parish boundary. It then goes along the St Mary parish boundary to a point where the parochial road leading to the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo) station touches the parish boundary, along this parochial road to the White River/Lodge main road, then easterly along this main road to the township of Lodge. From there, it then goes southerly along a parochial road leading from Lodge through Mile End and Union Pen to the Goshen/Hopewell main road. It then travels westerly along this main road to Orange Park where it meets parochial road No 14 from Islington, westerly along this parochial road to its junction with the Drax Hall/Golden Grove main road. Then it goes northerly along this main road to Trafalgar, then westerly along the Trafalgar/Green Park Road to its junction with the Claremont/Bamboo main road. It then goes along this main road to the Great Interior Road, southerly along this road to Tawes Road, along Tawes Road to its junction with the parochial road from Woodstock. Then it goes along the Woodstock parochial road to the southern boundary of Frenchland, then along this boundary to Parochial Road No 133, along this parochial road to a parochial road leading to Welcome.

From there, it continues along this parochial road to parochial road No 140, easterly along parochial road No 140 to its junction with parochial road No 181. It then goes southerly along parochial road No 181 to the Johns Vale Forest Reserve boundary and along this boundary to the starting point at the St Catherine parish boundary.

All 12 contested general elections in St Ann South Eastern have been won by the People’s National Party (PNP). When the constituency was first created, the party’s Dr Ivan Lloyd polled 7,334 votes to the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Flavius McKinley’s 1,584 – a majority of 5,750. Dr Lloyd, who won the St Ann Eastern constituency in 1944, 1949, and 1955 continued his dominance in the St Ann South Eastern constituency, winning in 1962 and 1967 until he resigned from the House of Representatives in 1969.

Consequently, a by-election was announced for March 17, 1969 to fill the vacancy. The two candidates were Seymour Mullings (PNP), and interestingly, Garland Lloyd – Dr Ivan Lloyd’s son, representing the JLP. Young Lloyd was devastated at the polls, as Mullings polled 5,632 votes to Lloyd’s 2,488, a majority of 3,144.

With the exception of 1980, when he polled 6,067 votes to the JLP’s OL Goldsmith’s 5,506, a majority of 561, Mulling, completely demolished his opponents winning by very wide margins. In 1972, 1976, 1989,
1993 and 1997 he had majorities of 5,107, 5,445, 5,766, 5,250, 5,713 respectively.

Following the Mullings era, the constituency was represented by Aloun Ndombet-Assamba, who defeated the JLP’s Peter George Fakhourie 7,419 votes to 4,242. The National Democratic Movement/New Jamaica Alliance’s (NDM/NJA) Rev Leeroy James Campbell polled 25. Lisa Hanna, was first elected in 2007. She defeated Fakhourie 7,158 votes to 4,461. She retained the seat in 2011 by defeating Oneil Esteen 8,996 to 4,751.