Jamaican Times: World Cup 2018 Round Of 16

Jamaicans love football and there’s no football we love more than the World Cup, so without hesitation, here is the schedule of the next round of games in local times for your viewing pleasure!

Saturday June 30

9:00am Game 49: France (Winner Group C) vs Argentina (Runner-Up Group D)

1:00pm Game 50: Uruguay (Winner Group A) vs Portugal (Runner-up Group B)

Sunday July 1

9:00am Game 51: Spain (Winner Group B) vs Russia (Runner-Up Group A)

1:00pm Game 52: Croatia (Winner Group D) vs Denmark (Runner-Up Group C)

Monday July 2

9:00am Game 53: Brazil (Winner Group E) vs Mexico (Runner-Up Group F)

1:00pm Game 54: Belgium (Winner Group G) vs Japan (Runner-Up Group H)

Tuesday July 3

9:00am Game 55: Sweden (Winner Group F) vs Switzerland (Runner-Up Group E)

1:00pm Game 56: Colombia (Winner Group H) vs England (Runner-Up Group G)

Wednesday July 4

No Games

Thursday July 5

No Games

Friday July 6

9:00am Quarterfinal 1: Game 57: Winner of Game 49 vs Winner of Game 50

1:00pm Quarterfinal 2: Game 58: Winner of 53 vs Winner of Game 54

Saturday July 7

9:00am Quarterfinal 3: Game 59: Winner of Game 51 vs Winner of Game 52

1:00pm Quarterfinal 4: Game 60: Winner of Game 55 vs Winner of Game 56

Sunday July 8

No Games

Monday July 9

No Games

Tuesday July 10

1:00pm Semifinal 1: Game 61: Winner of Game 57 vs Winner of Game 58

Wednesday July 11

1:00pm Semifinal 2: Game 62: Winner of Game 59 vs Winner of Game 60

Thursday July 12

No Games

Friday July 13

No Games

Saturday July 14

9:00am Third Place Play-Off: Game 63: Loser of Game 61 vs Loser of Game 62

Sunday July 15

10:00am WORLD CUP FINAL: Game 64: Winner of Game 61 vs Winner of Game 62