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Do you remember when we told you that according to statistics, there are some three million Jamaicans or people of Jamaican descent living in other countries around the world. Quite a few of them have achieved popularity in their respective fields over the years. In case you missed it here’s the post:

 Famous Faces, Jamaican Roots

Today we introduce you to Michela Pereira CNN news anchor of the morning show “New Day”,  who was adopted at the early age of three months old. Michela decided to take on the arduous task of  finding her birth parents, the journey first led her to her mother’s family. Unfortunately her mother had passed away a year earlier from colon cancer so they never got to meet. However, tracing her DNA led her to finding out that she has Jamaican Roots, by way of her birth father (she has never successfully reconnected with him). Michaela did find her birth sister Marnie through her journey.

Michaela recently visited Montego Bay, Jamaica to explore the place of her heritage.

CNN Photo – Michaela seen here posing by the Welcome to Montego Bay sign that is located in front of the Sangsters International Airport

Watch the video: Michaela Pereira traces her roots to Jamaica on CNN

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