Jamaica Tourism Industry Update: May Long Stay and Cruise Ship Arrivals Down

Source: Jamaica Tourist Board

In May, total number of arrivals from both sources (long stay arrivals and cruise ship arrivals) was 230,392 passengers. This is the smallest number recorded for the combine total since the start of the calendar year. May’s total represents a 16% decline  from April’s 272,891 arrivals and a 36% decline when compared to 361,131 in March. When compared to the corresponding period in 2012, the overall total number of visitors has decreased by 7% however it has increased by 3% over 2011’s 224,162 passengers.

Long stay arrivals for the month of May 160,785 is also  the lowest number recorded for this category since the start of the year. Although the number represents a 6% decline from April, it represents a slight 2% over May 2012 and an even higher 10% over May 2011’s 146,583 arrivals. Tourism Minister Hon. Dr. Wykeham McNeill in making his contribution to the 2013/14 Sectoral Debate in the House on July 2, under the theme: ‘A Sector for the People: Making Tourism for Us All’ said that based on market research Jamaica’s 2013 Summer Season (May marks the start of the Summer Season) prospects are bright for stop over arrivals.

The total number of cruise ship arrivals in May was 69,607 which represents a 30% decline from the 101,261 in April and a 23% decline when compared to the corresponding period in 2012. Another low since the start of the year.

The industry is categorized by two seasons Winter and Summer, the Summer season is usually the slowest of the two. Hence, the numbers recorded for the start of the season- May are indicative of that. However during the remaining months of the season, arrivals are expected to improve.