Is Jamaica A Significant Marijuana Investment Opportunity?

In a recent Forbes Magazine article, The Three Most Overlooked Marijuana Markets, Jamaica was listed as one of the “potentially more significant investment opportunities”

From the article:

“This one should be self-explanatory. Even though the U.S. put tremendous pressure on Jamaica not to “legalize it,” as Rastafarian Bob Marley said, “None of them can stop the tide.” People have been going to Jamaica for decades to smoke a spliff and listen to reggae. That is probably never going to change.

What does that mean to the global marijuana market? Jamaican cannabis is already world-renowned for its authenticity. People worldwide want to get their hands on proprietary Jamaican strains of tasty, Ital (natural), outdoor bud, even if they can’t go on vacation in Kingston or Negril.”  Read more here.

Read more here for a round up of studies done about marijuana in Jamaica.