It’s Parish Pride Month On!


Over the past two months, we have explored reggae music and Champs, two distinctively Jamaican things that we have every right to be proud of and passionate about. We want to keep the trend going, so this month, the diGBlog will be focusing on something else that gets Jamaicans excited – where they come from. We love Jamaica as a whole, but that doesn’t stop us from ‘comparing’ parishes and extolling the virtues of ‘ours versus yours.’

Our Parish Pride special will look at historical events that have shaped each parish, how they have contributed to the overall Jamaican culture, some of their most popular and important people, interesting and downright funny place names, and more.

It’s also Wellness Month, Autism Awareness Month, Cancer Awareness Month, Manufacturers Month and Farmer Month, so we will be doing relevant features on these topics as well. Other dates of note that we will write about are World Health Day (7th), Earth Day (22nd) and Penn Relays (23rd-25th).

To wrap it all up, we’ll throw in some more music features, including a special interview.

We hope you join us on this special journey around Jamaica!