diGJamaica, in furthering its mandate to provide trusted all-you-need-to-know information, is pleased to inform  diGgers we are now your place to go for ‘all you need to know IMF’ also. The website has officially launched theIMF Special Report’ which is the first and only online information portal about Jamaica’s relationship and interaction with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Features of the IMF Special Report

The IMF Special Report contains a home page outlining the main elements of the four year economic program for 2013/14 – 2016/2017 appropriately titled the ‘ IMF Action Plan’, an IMF Activity Stream which showcases links to diGjamaica’s blog referencing the IMF and structural/fiscal reform updates and changes by the Government of Jamaica (GoJ).


This section allows users to update the stream to get the latest updates at any given time upon clicking the update activity stream.


The IMF Calendar includes a detailed schedule of repayment dates of the 2009 IMF Standby Agreement by the GoJ and a complete schedule of the IMF disbursements of Funds to the GOJ under the recent  Extended Fund Facility.


The deadlines section which is a database searchable by keyword or category and can also be sorted.  It  includes all the action types of the IMF Program including Disbursements, Financial Sector Reform, Fiscal Reform, Tax Reform, Tax Administration and Loan Payments.


A graphical representation of Jamaica’s quantitative fiscal and monetary targets under the programme is also included labelled as Targets.

The IMF Special Report boasts an extensive additional information section under the headlines News and Useful Resources. . The News link will bring readers to stories in the Gleaner that reference the IMF Agreement and the Useful Resources section which includes a link to the IMF Agreement in the flipbook version which is searchable by keyword.


diGgers, enjoy consuming the information that we have brought to your fingertips in a user friendly and interactive format and remember to check the IMF Special Report ‘your one stop shop everything Jamaica and the IMF’ everyday for new developments.