The mission of the Transport portfolio is to provide safe and sustainable transport systems for the movement of people and goods across land, sea and air.  

In light of this the ministry is responsible to provide equal access to transport for all; energy efficiency with respect to the various transport modes; fair competition among the various transport modes and compliance with international security and safety standards.  All this is underpinned by the National Industrial Policy of 1996.

Public Transportation Agencies

There are over 20 entities that assist the ministry in carrying out its mandate regarding transportation. Here are some of the major bodies.


Jamaica Transport Authority

Regulating and monitoring public transportation in the urban areas of the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region (KMTR), Montego Bay Metropolitan Transport Region (MMR) and all other urban and rural routes and areas in Jamaica.

Fucntions of the Jamaica Transport Authority

  • Licensing of all public passenger vehicles and commercial carriers
  • Maintaining a transport register
  • Conducting technical surveys for granting licences and determining routes
  • Scheduling of routes and preparing timetables
  • Investigation of complaints

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Jamaica Urban Transit Company

The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) was established in 1998, under the Public Passenger Transport Act, to operate public passenger transport in the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region.

Functions of the JUTC

  • To grant exclusive license to provide public passengers transport services within and throughout the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region.
  • To operate public passenger transport in the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region.

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Civil Aviation Authority

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), established by the Civil Aviation Act of 1995, is responsible for regulating Air Navigation and all matters relating to safety in Civil Aviation in Jamaica.

Functions of the CAA

The Authority is responsible for the provision of air navigation services and safety services, including;

  • Air Traffic Services
  • Registration of aircraft;
  • Licensing of personnel;
  • Establishment of aerodrome standards
  • Aircraft accident investigation
  • Aeronautical telecommunications and metrological services

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