#Infographic: Who Can Apply To Work With Weed in Jamaica?

On Tuesday, September 30, 2014, then Justice Minister Mark Golding announced a number of changes to the Dangerous Drugs Act. These changes were generally well-received, and many persons – Rastafarians and weed smokers especially – heralded them as a step in the right direction. In 2015, the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) was created with the specific objective of “issuing licences, permits and authorisation for the handling of hemp and ganja; ensuring an orderly development of Jamaica’s ganja industry; and ensuring that regulations and activities within the industry are in keeping with Jamaica’s international obligations”.

Since that time, they have had over 89 applications from companies and individuals for licences to work with cannabis in Jamaica. Many persons interested in obtaining licences have been asking what the stipulations are for working with cannabis in Jamaica. The infographic below lists them for you.

Who CAN apply

Who CAN’T apply

Source: Cannabis Licensing Authority

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