Industry Update: Bauxite Production Ramped Up In June



The latest figures from the bauxite-alumina industry reveal that in June Crude Bauxite production was up 10% to 426 thousand tons compared to 387 thousand tons 12-months ago June 2013. However, production of Alumina was down by 5% to 142 thousand tons relative to 150 thousand tons 12-months ago June 2013.

Industry News

The Government is currently pressuring UC Rusal, owners of Ewarton (currently in operation), Alpart and Kirkvine (both closed since 2009) bauxite mining and alumina processing plants to resume operations at Kirkvine and Alpart by January 1, 2015 or risk losing their special mining leases.

Igor Dorofeev, the company’s head official in Jamaica has said while his company is prepared to reopen the plants – at least Alpart, “in the nearest future” – it will do so only after it has secured cheaper sources of energy.

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