Industry Update: Bauxite & Alumina Boost In Production Mar ’14

bx & alumina Mar2014
Source: Jamaica Bauxite Institute

The latest figures from the bauxite-alumina industry reveal that in March 2014 crude bauxite production rose by a whopping 60% to 473,409 MT while alumina production rose by only a mere 3% to 154,582 MT when compared with figures from the month before, February 2014.

Production of crude bauxite for March 2014 reflects a mere 3% increase over March 2013 and for alumina production it represents a 12% increase over  the corresponding period in 2013.

The bauxite-alumina industry contributes significantly to the Jamaican economy, apart from the provision of jobs, the sector is ranked as our third highest foreign exchange earner.

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Alumina Production 2010 – 2014
Crude Bauxite Production 2010 – 2014