IMF Watch:Tax Reform In Action – Alleged “Delinquent” Taxpayers Outed


diGgers in an effort to have a speedy recovery of the economy the May 2013 approved four year IMF agreement was designed with an emphasis on reform changes, that are to take place within the first year of the programme. One key area that actions would be focused on improving and strengthening was Tax Administration.

The Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies (MEFP) in ¶33 outlines the various reforms that were to be implemented to strengthen Tax Administration. The list of actions included the ‘publication, without delay, of delinquent tax payers and traders upon the initiation of court action which had been included in staff-level understandings and have already been implemented’.

We see evidence of this reform taking effect with the publication of the names of 400 accused delinquent taxpayers before the courts being published. Read more about this development here.

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