IMF Survey: IMF Loan to Help Jamaica Cope With Growth and Debt Challenges

“In this interview, the IMF’s mission chief for Jamaica, Jan Kees Martijn, discusses the key priorities for Jamaica and what it will take for the program to succeed.”  See answers to questions:

  • IMF Survey: Jamaicans know they face significant economic challenges. We also know that we have to work together to resolve them. Give us a sense then of what the key priorities are in Jamaica for the Fund and the government. And what role do you envision for the Fund beyond financial support in promoting these measures?
  • IMF Survey: Jamaica has undertaken many fiscal adjustment programs in the past. How confident are you that the country can deliver this time?
  • IMF Survey: At almost 150 percent of GDP, Jamaica’s level of public debt is one of the highest in the world. What will it take to bring down debt to a sustainable level?
  • IMF Survey: The economic program includes social welfare reform. But are the most vulnerable groups in society being protected?
  • IMF Survey: The IMF has had a long relationship with Jamaica. What lessons has the IMF itself learned from working with Jamaica?

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