IMF Program Highlights 2014

In this blog post diGJamaica summarizes the major structural benchmarks and happenings for 2014 that are apart of the four-year economic program with the International Monetary Fund.


Back in May 2013, diGJamaica launched the IMF Special Report , which is the first and only online information portal about Jamaica’s relationship and interaction with the International Monetary Fund. The aim of the report is to provide a resource for the public to monitor the implementation of the IMF programme and educate oneself on the key components of the programme.

diGgers for more details on the structural benchmarks and reviews scheduled to take place in 2014, check out the the website’s Key Dates + Data  feature, where you will find the deadlines and dates as stated in the IMF agreement of not only the items for 2014 but for the entire programme.

Enjoy consuming the information that we have brought to your fingertips in a user friendly and interactive format and remember to always check the IMF Special Report  for updates and information on the relationship between Jamaica and the IMF.