IMF Monitoring Requirements – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually

Under Jamaica’s 2013 EFF agreement with the IMF, the government agreed to monitor and provide information on a number of key economic factors. These indicators are tracked systematically, with the frequency of monitoring varying. Specifically, indicators are tracked on any one of these bases:

  • daily,
  • weekly,
  • monthly,
  • quarterly,
  • or annually.

Monitoring is done to ensure that indicators remain within target, based on program objectives of structural and fiscal reform.

The Technical Memorandum of Understanding found at the end of each Review Report written by the IMF outlines the indicators monitored, as well as how often they are reported. Screenshots from the latest Review Report (Tenth Review) show the following Information Requirements:

information reqs page 1

information reqs page 2

information reqs page 3

information reqs page 4

Monitoring of these indicators is an explicit obligation as outlined since the beginning of the agreement. To see the full EFF agreement from May 2013, as well as all updated versions of it click here.

diGJamaica has a dedicated IMF Special page with a wealth of useful information regarding Jamaica’s dealings with the Fund. On the page you can find:

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