In order to help you find the right lawyer, we’ve created a database of over 30 of the most prominent law firms in Jamaica. Use the links below to browse law firms based on over 70 different areas of legal speciality.


Please note that this list is extensive but not exhaustive.  For more information on Jamaican lawyers and our legal system, diG Judicial + Legal and the General Legal Council of Jamaica website.


A: Administrative Law, Admiralty and Maritime, Agency and Distributorship, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appellate Practice, Arbitration, Aviation Law


B: Banking and Finance, Banking Law, Bankruptcy, Business and Industry, Business Formation, Business Law


C: Capital Markets, Child Support & Custody, Civil Litigation, Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation, Competition Law, Construction Accidents, Construction Law, Consumer Law, Conveyancing, Contracts, Copyright, Corporate Finance, Corporate Law, Corporate Litigation, Criminal Representation


D: Debtor and Creditor, Defamation, Libel & Slander, Divorce


E: Employee Benefits, Employment, Energy, Entertainment Law, Environmental and Natural Resources, Environmental Law, Estate and Trust, Estate Planning


F: Family Law, Financial Services Law


G: General Practice, Government


I: Industrial Relations, Information Technology, Insolvency, Insurance and Reinsurance, Intellectual Property, International Relationships, Internet Law, Investment Law


L: Labour, Land Use and Zoning, Landlord and Tenant Law, Litigation


M: Mediation, Medical Malpractice, Mergers and Acquisitions, Mining


N: Natural Resources


P: Patents, Pensions, Personal Injury, Probate, Project Finance, Property Law


R: Real Estate, Regulatory Law


S: Science & Technology, Securities, Sports


T: Tax, Telecommunications Law, Torts, Tourism and Travel


W: Will, Workers Compensation