NameContact PersonAddressParishContact NumberEmail
African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica Miss Maxine Watson12 Ocean Blvd., KGN Kingston922-7415
Attorney General’s Department Miss Lona Isaacs NCB Towers 1 st Floor North Tower, 2 Oxford Road, 5 St. Andrew 906-2414
Bank of Jamaica Mrs. Cora Robinson Nethersole Place, KGN Kingston922-0750
Bank Of Nova Scotia BNS Mrs. Joylene Griffiths-Irving Corner. Duke Street & Port Royal Street, KGN Kingston922-1000
Broadcasting Commission Records Department Mr. Dwaymian Brissette 53 Knutsford Blvd. 5 St. Andrew 920-9537,
Bureau of Standards BSJ Mrs. Priscilla Cargill 6 Winchester Rd. 10 St. Andrew 926-3140-5,
Bureau of Women’s Affairs Ms. Deandre Powell 5-9 South Odeon Ave. St. Andrew 754-8576-8
Caribbean Food & Nutrition Institute CFNI Mrs. Audrey Lewis Mona 7 St. Andrew 927-1541
Caribbean Maritime Institute Norman Manley Highway , Palisadoes Pk, PO BOX 8081, KGN CSO Kingston924-8150
Catholic College of Mandeville Mrs. Ester White 66 Caledonia Road, Mandeville PO Manchester962-2801,