In Jamaica, you can register your non-profit organisation through either the Department of Cooperatives and Friendly Societies (DCFS) ( or The Companies Office of Jamaica (

Do a name search

Before you can register your charitable organisation, you need to ensure that the name you are thinking of is available. To do so, you need to sign up on the Companies Office of Jamaica website, then do a name check on their website. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Companies Office of Jamaica website:
  • Select Login (at top left corner of page).
  • Select Sign up
  • Return to home page by clicking Home
  • Select Online Services tab (at bottom of picture)
  • Select Requests
  • Select Name Reservation and select Go To Service
  • Fill out the form and do your name check. If the name is available, it will be reserved for two days, no charge. If you want to reserve it for 90 days, you can pay JMD$3,000.


Download and complete Form 6 (Request for Name Search and Name Reservation) from the Companies Office of Jamaica website. You can download the form from this link and submit the completed form to the Companies Office of Jamaica.

Registering through the Companies Office of Jamaica
Registration through the DCFS


Other forms of registration

Depending on the kind of status being sought, an organisation can be either registered (as detailed above) or unregistered. There are different kinds of unregistered charities. This can be in the form of a trust, or other unincorporated entities.

To register as a trust, take constitution of your organisation to the Stamp Office (part of Tax Administration Jamaica) to get it stamped, and then take that to DCFS.

Other types of unincorporated entities can register by taking their constitution to the Registrar’s General Department to get it lodged, then take that to the DCFS to get it approved and complete the form, after which they get letter to get TRN.


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See a list of registered charities in Jamaica: Tax Administration Jamaica’s List of Registered Charities OR Companies Office of Jamaica listing

Source: THE STAR, Jamaica’s Charities Act, Tax Administration Jamaica