How to Follow the 2016 Election Results in Real-Time Online

This election season, diGJamaica has been your hub for all election related information. The big day is here, and we want to continue that trend by directing you to online election results in real time.

Results for the election will be available through the Gleaner’s election site. You can go directly to the results page by clicking hereThe Electoral Commission of Jamaica also has a live results page. Click here to view results from the ECJ page.

On the results page you will be able to see the winner for each constituency and other pertinent information regarding the seat including:

  • all the candidates
  • the voter turnout
  • the number of eligible voters
  • and the number of ballot boxes counted.

The page also has a feature that keeps track of the total number of seats won by each party across the island. A preview of the results page is below:

results screenshot
Sample Results Page Prior To Results

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