How To Build A Starter Wardrobe – For Men

Contributing writer and style afficionado, Christopher ‘CLS’ Smith, in a beautiful combination of foundation pieces for a man’s wardrobe.

The list of basic essentials that should constitute the wardrobe of every stylish man is not particularly long. To me, an essential article of clothing is one that will act as the foundation for any outfit you’ll wear and will compliment other items in your wardrobe. It should facilitate mixing and matching in a way that makes everything come together beautifully. You can later inject your personality via accessories and statement pieces.

When most men start making an effort to look better, they usually go out and buy unique pieces that don’t work with anything but specialized outfits. That’s not the best idea because you probably won’t wear these unique pieces as often as you’d expect (I know this firsthand: many of my most beloved items or clothing remain in my closet indefinitely).

Here are what I believe should form the foundation of any successful, respectable, well put-together wardrobe. These are the must-haves for every man who wants to be classic, stylish, well-dressed, and timeless.

Brown lace-ups

A Pair Of Brown Lace-Ups

Every man needs a pair of chic brown lace-ups. They’re simple enough to be worn with a suit, while the elegant shape means that they can just as easily be worn with a tux.

A White Button-Down Shirt

There’s very little that won’t go with a button-down shirt. This is by far the most versatile item in your wardrobe. Opt for a shirt cut from thick, soft cotton.

Denim jacket

Denim Jacket

This can be worn over a simple tee, or even worn with a pair of jeans in a different hue. The look you should go for is casual, but in control.

Petrol blue suit

Petrol Blue Suit

You should always own more than one suits. A petrol blue, single-breasted option is a great place to start. It’s understated and still classy enough to turn heads and fit in formal occasions.

A Navy Blazer

A navy blazer is the perfect piece of transition tailoring. It is flexible enough to be perfect for both casual and dress-up days. You can even get away with wearing them with sneakers.

Wool-Flannel Trousers

Worn with a white shirt or tucked-in Tee with a navy blazer over the top, a pair of grey flannel trousers are the ideal bridge between casual and formal.

Slim indigo jeans

Slim Indigo Jeans

A good pair of jeans should be slim, but not too tight, stiff but not so stiff that you can’t bend your legs, and they should also be blue, naturally.

A Good Quality White T-shirt

Because this will go with everything you own. Just be sure to invest in something cut from high-quality cotton. Not only will an expensive fabric feel better against your skin, anything sub-par will suffer at the hands of your washing machine.

Navy chinos

Slim Navy Chinos

A good alternative to jeans and great if you don’t want to wear suit trousers. Wear with a shirt, shirt and jacket, t-shirt … yes, there are endless combination possibilities.

By Christopher ‘CLS’ Smith
Instagram: @iamCLS
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Twitter: @iamCLS_