Holiday Blogger – Adapting Winter Trends for the Jamaican Climate

Lightweight sweater with shorts – Afayah Prendergast

The holiday season offers many opportunities for us to dress up, from staff parties to dinners to family reunions and strolling the town at Grand Market. Here are some tips to help you put a Jamaican spin on North American fall and winter trends, from blogger Afayah Prendergast.


When I watch American Beauty Gurus on YouTube they’re usually gushing about upcoming fall/winter trends. That’s because, during this time of year, they’re able to add so much spice to their outfits by layering. Layering is minimal and, in some cases, practically non-existent in Jamaica’s climate, so let’s explore other ways to adapt this season’s trends.


One of the easiest ways to incorporate any trend is through colour. Black and white “colour-blocking” has been in since the summer and it’s still a staple now. Wearing black and white gives you the opportunity to really go bold with your accessories. There are possibilities to add a statement necklace or a colourful clutch bag to contrast with the minimalism of the black and white palette. A long sleeved button-up black and white shirt can be taken day to night with ease. Wear it with a black pencil skirt or pants to the office and then transition into the evening by switching the bottom to a pair of white shorts.


Layering is very possible with the denim trend. If you want to add some sass or edge to an outfit that can easily be mistaken for summer wear then simply add a denim jacket. Now there’s denim with leather or faux leather sleeves or hoods. It will give you an opportunity to look cool in the day and stay warm at night. If you find that a denim jacket is too much for you, then aim for a denim shirt that’s a size bigger. You can roll up the sleeves and wear it open or tie the front and it will act as an extra layer in your simple outfit.

Sweaters & Shorts

Christmas is usually associated with sweaters in colder places. Why miss out on the opportunity to be cozy too? There is a large variety of lightweight sweaters with decorative finishing that will make any plain outfit look festive. Here’s the trick – get a lightweight sweater that has gold threading and pair it with shorts. The aim is to cover up on the top half and keep the bottom half light. You don’t want to toast yourself but you want to do just enough to still be cozy and fashionable.

Ankle Boots

While you’re trying these other trends out, don’t forget your feet. Boots are a staple in fall/winter trends, but nothing is more uncomfortable than hot feet! Just imagine doing errands in knee-high boots in the heat of the midday sun. Keep it comfy and trendy by wearing ankle boots with a thick heel. The colours of the season extend beyond the traditional black or brown. Now you can get playful with your footwear by choosing colours like burgundy, camel or olive.

Afayah Prendergast is a lifestyle blogger with interests in fashion design and image consultancy. She enjoys a myriad of creative activities including painting and writing. She is a graduate of the University of Technology’s Caribbean School of Architecture. Afayah is also the founder and content creator at