Hit Me With Music – Our Reggae Playlists

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We’ve created a number of great reggae playlists over the past year or so, and since today, July 1 is being observed as International Reggae Day, we decided to put them all in one post so they’re easy to find. We have everything from love songs to gospel to reggae from Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. Enjoy!

  1. Reggae Month Playlist
  2. Bob Marley Playlist
  3. Third World Playlist
  4. Reggae Valentine – The Love Playlist
  5. #PeaceJamaica Playlist
  6. Women of Reggae Music Playlist
  7. Mother’s Day Playlist
  8. Dennis Brown Playlist
  9. Mento Playlist
  10. Asia-Pacific Reggae Playlist
  11. Marcia Griffiths Playlist
  12. Jamaica’s Musical Messages to Africa Playlist
  13. Ska Playlist
  14. Reggae Romance Playlist
  15. African Reggae Playlist
  16. Gospel Reggae Playlist
  17. Rocksteady Playlist
  18. European Reggae Playlist
  19. Burning Spear Playlist
  20. Reggae for Kids Playlist
  21. Reggae and Politics