Historical Sites In Jamaica – Part 3

St Thomas


  1. St Thomas Parish Church – The east wall of the Church has a brick with the date 1865 baked into it.
  2. Morant Bay Court House – The scene of the famous Morant Bay Rebellion of 1865.
  3. Fort Lindsay – This site was extensively repaired in 1790 and was placed on the island’s list of forts in 1799.
  4. Fort William – As early as 1675, Port Morant had a platform with five guns to defend its harbour.
  5. Morant Bay Fort – This site was probably built in 1758 and was designed for nine guns.
  6. Stokes Hall Great House – It was destroyed by the 1907 it earthquake and now stands in ruin.
  7. Morant Point Lighthouse – Built in 1841, it is the oldest lighthouse in the island.
  8. Bath Mineral Spa – Famously discovered by a run-a-way slave in the 1690s.
  9. Stony Gut – The birthplace of National Hero, Paul Bogle.
  10. Bath Botanic Garden – Established in 1779 as a result of a statute of the Jamaica House of Assembly.
  11. Orange Park – Located in the hills of Yallahs, it was once a coffee plantation.