Historical Sites In Jamaica – Part 3

We continue to showcase the historical sites around our beautiful island. This week, we stop in St Mary, St Thomas, St Catherine and St Elizabeth. Enjoy the tour! (This is Part 3 and see here for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 4)

St Mary


  1. Rio Nuevo Taino Site – This is the largest Taino site in this area of Jamaica. It covers an area of some 21, 000 square metres.
  2. Annotto Bay Baptist Church – Built in 1824, it was the first Baptist Church to be constructed in the parish.
  3. Holy Trinity Anglican – This historic Georgian building was erected on land donated by Henry Rigg in 1828.
  4. Fort Haldane – Situated in Port Maria, the fort was erected in 1759.
  5. Fort Oracabessa – Built during the War of Trade, it was erected by John Allen in 1752
  6. Brimmer Hall Great House – Built during the 18th century by the plantocracy during the days of slavery.
  7. Prospect Great House – Located on the Prospect Estate, this is an early 18th century great house.
  8. Quebec Great House – The great house boasts basic Georgian features, such as symmetry and a central portico.
  9. Galina Lighthouse – Standing more than 40 feet off the ground, the light is approximately 60 feet above sea level.
  10. Firefly House – It was originally called ‘Look Out’ by famous pirate Henry Morgan, as it was used for that purpose.
  11. Harmony Hall House – Indicative of Jamaican-Georgian architectural style with its characteristic features of plantation houses in the 19th century.
  12. Castleton Botanical Garden – Established on the November 19, 1862.
  13. Claude Stuart Park – The Victoria Park in Port Maria was renamed the Claude Stuart Park in 1977.
  14. Rio Nuevo Battle Site – The site of the final battle between British and Spanish forces to determine possession of Jamaica.
  15. Port Maria Court House – Originally built in 1821, this Georgian architecture housed the court house and police station until 1988.