Heart Month : Best Exercises for Heart Health

There is a saying, “Our health is our wealth”. How well have you been taking care of your ‘wealth?’

February is Heart Month. From tips on preventing heart failure to creating a healthier heart to going green for your health,  diGJamaica.com is looking out for your well-being.

The focus for today is on the best exercises for heart health. Exercising to protect your heart is extremely important due to the fragile nature of the vital organ. According to the article, ‘Exercising to Protect Your Heart’ by Kenneth Gardner, the following was needed to lower the risk of heart disease.

“Regular physical activity, including weight training, elevates our level of ‘good cholesterol’ which protects against heart disease by clearing the ‘bad cholesterol’ from our arteries. Each milligram increase in ‘good cholesterol’ decreases our risk of heart disease two to three per cent. When we reduce our body weight by exercising, we also reduce our level of the ‘bad cholesterol’ and reduce our risk of heart disease.”

Don’t let heart disease be the end of your story. Get moving with the following best exercises for heart health. Let us know which exercises are your favourite.  Your heart will thank you.


Need more information? Visit out Directories section for information on the Heart Foundation of Jamaica