Gospel Reggae Playlist


Religion is a fundamental part of the Jamaican identity, with Christianity being the dominant belief system adopted by the population. Music is also a great part of our heritage and certainly takes centre stage in church services and celebrations in just about every denomination. From traditional hynms to gospel reggae standards and today’s more urban offerings, Jamaicans love to sing praises and dance as they worship.

We created this special playlist of Jamaican gospel classics and current favourites for you to get your praise on. Enjoy!

  1. Winnaman – Lester Lewis
  2. Everytime I Read My Bible – Lester Lewis
  3. This Island Needs Jesus – Carlene Davis
  4. My Forever Friend – Carlene Davis
  5. Many Are the Blessings – Kerron Ennis
  6. God’s Not Done with Me Yet – Kerron Ennis
  7. Make You Smile – Jermaine Edwards
  8. Don’t Count Me Out – Jermaine Edwards
  9. Broken to Be Blessed – Judith Gayle
  10. Things Already Betta – Judith Gayle ft DJ Nicholas
  11. Nah Bow – DJ Nicholas ft Jermaine Edwards & Kevin Downswell
  12. Close to You – Kevin Downswell
  13. You Make Me Stronger – Kevin Downswell
  14. Joy – Chevelle Franklyn
  15. Kill My Flesh – Chevelle Franklyn
  16. Can’t Take My Lord – Katalys Crew
  17. Church House – Papa San
  18. Gospel Reggae – Stitchie
  19. Sold Out – Junior Tucker
  20. Get Ready For The Rapture – Junior Tucker
  21. Take Me There – Ryan Mark ft Crissy D
  22. Stop and Let Me Tell You (Medley) – Marvia Providence
  23. There’s Not One Broken Vessell – Hopeton Lewis
  24. Move Satan Move – Hopeton Lewis
  25. I’m Next In Line For My Blessings – George Banton
  26. Can’t Even Walk – The Grace Thrillers
  27. Don’t Try To Tell Me – The Grace Thrillers
  28. More Blessings Again – Lubert Levy
  29. I Will Give My All to You – Martins Heritage
  30. Father I Love You – Richie Stephens
  31. Help! – Omari
  32. Hold On to Your Victory – Revelation Believers