Gleaner Scholar Abigail Boyd – My diGJamaica Experience


My experience working with has been one of discovery. Before I started, I was not very familiar with the site, so I started ‘diGging.’

There is so much that I discovered and learned about Jamaica in my three weeks of working with diGJamaica that I didn’t know before. After browsing through the site, I realised that much of the resources can be very beneficial to students as it offers much information that they may not be able to find anywhere else. The site highlights many critical points in Jamaican history and culture that everyone should know, especially students studying History in school.

Students, not just those studying for CSEC and CAPE exams can use the website for information, as it covers a vast amount of topics taught in schools. Here are the links to some of these pages, based on subjects:


Social Studies


I am extremely grateful for receiving the opportunity to work with the diGJamaica team and the knowledge that I acquired will stick with me forever. I hope that my fellow students will find the links above and the blog very useful and informative and that you will continue ‘diGging’ for information on the site.


Gleaner Scholar Abigail Boyd is a proud student of Immaculate Conception High School, where she will begin 6th form in September.