Get Involved: International Coastal Cleanup Day


Jamaica is renowned for having spectacular coasts. Unfortunately, the presence of trash and other pollutants diminishes the beauty of our coasts and threatens our local wildlife. Saturday, September 19 is International Coastal Cleanup Day, a day dedicated to ending this threat. Given Jamaica’s wealth of beautiful, yet vulnerable coasts, there will be clean-up efforts island-wide on this day. Here’s how to get involved:

1. Register here to be a part of the clean-up efforts of the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) at the Fort Rocky Beach on the Palisadoes Strip. The registration deadline is September 7th at 12 noon so if interested, please sign up ASAP. Read more about this beach clean-up here.

2. Many other groups are organizing clean-ups island-wide. Look through this list for beach clean-ups in your area and email or call the relevant contact to sign up.

According to JET, more than 7,000 volunteers removed 85,000 pounds of garbage from Jamaica’s beaches on this day last year. Do your part to make this year’s clean-up bigger and better! Read more about the event on the websites of the international organizers, Ocean Conservancy and the local organizers, JET.