Food Month Pot-pourri – Cuckoo For Coconuts!


Gleaner Editor’s Choice Stew Peas

Coconut milk

A good amount of red peas


Pig’s tail

Salt beef

Pimento grains

Flour for spinners

Scotch bonnet pepper






1. Wash chopped pig’s tail and pieces of salt beef, and bring to boil, then pour water away.

2. Place in a pressure cooker over medium flame for a few minutes so that it can partially cook.

3. Extract the milk from one coconut and add this to the washed peas in pot with the partially cooked meat; add mashed cloves of garlic and pimento grains and allow to cook slowly.

4. Make spinners and add, allowing to simmer until tender.

5. Remove about three cooking spoons full of peas from pot and place in blender with some of the liquid from the pot; blend to a puree and add to pot to give body to the stew then add the seasoning of thyme, scallion, onion and whole pepper. Simmer.

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