Jamaica in the Global Gender Gap Report 2016

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has been publishing Global Gender Gap Reports since 2006. Each year, they conduct studies and compile a list of the level of parity between males and females in a large number of countries. When the study started, they had data for 115 countries. Now, they use statistics from 144 countries in the world. Here are five key facts about Jamaica’s ranking in the 2016 report:

1. Jamaica has been ranked 42 overall in this year’s Global Gender Gap Report, with a score of 0.724.

2. In the ‘economic participation and opportunity’ subsection, Jamaica was ranked at 35. The report noted that there are no laws mandating non-discrimination in the workplace, or equal pay for both sexes.

3. Jamaica got a one for the educational attainment and ‘health and survival’ subsections, meaning that males and females have equal access to education and healthcare in the country. Overall, 24 nations scored a one for educational attainment, including Caribbean neighbours Cuba, The Bahamas and Barbados.

4. Despite having had a female prime minister and numerous female members in Cabinet, Jamaica got a 63 for political empowerment.

5. In 2006, when the report was compiled for the first time, Jamaica ranked 25th out of 115 countries.

Below is a chart, sourced from The World Economic Forum’s website, giving a detailed breakdown of Jamaica’s vital stats from the report: