5 Facts: Beautiful Land


Today’s 5 facts are taken from The Gleaner series Pieces Of The Past written By Dr. Rebecca Tortello-Greenland (which is now available as a book).

  1. In 1664, the British divided the island of Jamaica into 7 administrative units and called them parishes.  They were: Clarendon, St. John’s, St. Andrew’s, St. Katherine’s, Port Royal, St. David’s and St. Thomas in the East. 
  2. Kingston was formed one year after the devastating 1692 earthquake that destroyed much of Port Royal.
  3. The Bath Botanical Gardens was the second botanical gardens to be developed in the western hemisphere (the oldest is on St. Vincent).
  4. Appleton Estate in St. Elizabeth is named after its original owner, James Appleton.
  5. The spice, Pimento, is indigenous to Jamaica.

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