Final Results- An Election 2016 Snapshot

This is a follow-up post to our previous election 2016 snapshot that was based on preliminary results. Now that the final results have been made available, and all recounts have been completed, the final snapshot of the February 25, 2016 election looks like this:Final Election 2016 (1)

From the final 2016 election results:

  • The JLP has won 32 seats
  • The PNP has won 31 seats
  • The overall number of votes cast was 882,380
  • 48.73% of the electorate turned out to vote
  • 436,883 votes were cast for the JLP
  • 433,766 votes were casts for the PNP
  • On a constituency level, the highest turnout was 61%, in St. Elizabeth South East. This seat was won by Franklyn Witter.
  • The lowest turnout in a constituency was 36% in Westmoreland Western. The seat was won by Wykeham McNeill.

The full ECJ final results can be seen here, 2016 General Election Results Summary(1).

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