Facts & Data: Countries That Allow the Diaspora to Vote

Election fever is in the air. From Trinidad to the United States of America, politics is the talk of the day. diGJamaica and The Gleaner co-hosted a Twitter chat September 10, 2015 under the theme: Your Voice, Your Choice last night using the hashtag #ElectionJa, where we ‘picked’ the brains of Jamaicans about their views, concerns and suggestions leading up to an imminent general election. Although no official announcement has been made, the country is watching and waiting and making preparations. Join in the discussion even if you don’t plan to vote.

One question in the #ElectionJa chat asked if the Diaspora should be allowed to vote. There were divergent views on the matter. Read the Storified tweets to see some of the views, and follow #ElectionJa to join the ongoing conversation. We will also be hosting a second chat soon, so stay tuned for the details!

In the meantime, check out our own Facts & Data relating to elections and this info graphic on countries that allow the Diaspora to vote, commonly referred to as ‘external voting’. 

Diaspora Vote

Source; http://aceproject.org/ace-en/topics/va/voting-from-abroad

* Countries with an asterisk have passed laws for external voting but have not implemented said law or have only done external voting in special circumstances such as a presidential recall.

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