Exchange Rate Update: US$ Selling Rates December 2009-2013

Source: Bank of Jamaica

**Please note the scale on the left hand side of the chart does not start at zero, this helps to magnify the changes in the exchange rate for the period.

December 31, 2013 , the Jamaican Dollar traded for an average selling rate of J$106.38 to US$1.

The decline represents a 7% depreciation in the selling rate since the approval of the IMF Agreement on May 1, 2013, when the JMD dollar trading for an average  J$99.33 to US$1.

The currency declined by 14% when compared with the closing selling rate J$92.98 in December 2012 and 13% if compared with the closing rate for January 2013 J$94.14.

The vertical bar graph above shows indicative exchange rates for the last day of December from 2009 to December 2013.

When the closing rate for December 2013 J$106.38  is compared to the closing rate for the corresponding period in December 2009 J$89.60, the Jamaican Dollar has depreciated by 19%.

For all of the “Chart Nerds” out there, diGJamaica has tracked the depreciation of the Jamaican dollar against the change in the major Jamaica Stock Exchange Market Indices since the end of December 2012. This is depicted in the chart here.

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