Environmental Arts Day With New Wave

It was indeed a happy day at Happy House, in Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth, when New Wave and Do Good Jamaica collaborated to put on an Environmental Arts Day. Kids were fully entertained as they painted, drummed and sang the tune of environmental awareness.

The day started off with the head of New Wave, Lindsey Lodenquai welcoming the kids, asking each to introduce him or herself and state one reason that they love art.

“I love art because it’s fun!”

“I love art because it’s colourful”

“I love art because i get to paint’

The children then went outside to pick up three pieces of nature. Smiles and laughter erupted in the house as the children eagerly combined paint and glue with the sticks, rocks and leaves collected outside to make environmental masterpieces. Many walked around proudly with their pieces of art. Lindsey and Courtney of New Wave took the children outside for the dance segment. Each child added a move to create the overall dance piece and then took to the stage to perform their pieces.

The loudest and most exciting segment had to be the musical performance. With the help of Ms. Jamaica Festival Queen 2018, Ackera Gowie and Rising Stars finalist, Diel the children delighted in creating their own environmental song. “I will protect the environment!” could be heard all around Happy House as the children sang at the top of their lungs. Diel taught the boys how to drum along to the tune while Ackera showed the girls how to shake the maracas they made.

Creative events like these make environmental awareness at the early childhood level a delight.  To get more of the vibe of the day, check out this video.

Happy House is an early childhood play center in the Breds Treasure Beach Sports Park.  To find out more about Happy House, click here

Written by Danielle Mullings