What if I need an Emergency Appointment?

Applicants need to apply for an emergency appointment via e-mail. The Embassy does not process emergency appointment requests via fax, letter,  mail, telephone or personal appearance.

What constitutes an Emergency?

Only these things qualify as emergencies:

  • Illness or death of an immediate family member {immediate family members are the applicant’s mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, son and/or daughter).
  • Emergency medical treatment which includes any persons needing to travel for support (such as a parent caring for an 111 child).
  • Emergent business travel (such as HIB skilled workers, or CI/D crew members needing to embark from a Jamaican port immediately).
  • Student or exchange visitors needing to report to school/programs on short notice.

All applicants requesting an emergency appointment must first fill out an electronic visa application form and pay the requisite fee at Paymaster. Applicants who believe they qualify for an emergency appointment must then e-mail the Visa Unit at: kingstonilsas@state.gov. The e-mail must contain the following information:

  • Applicant’s name
  • Applicant’s date of birth
  • Applicant’s phone number
  • Applicant’s reason for requesting an emergency appointment
  • Applicant’s Paymaster receipt number
  • Date applicant needs to travel

All applications for an emergency appointment will be reviewed within 5 working days from the day they are received and the applicants will be informed whether they have been given an emergency appointment. If you do not receive a response after 5 working days, your request has not been granted.

If you are granted an emergency appointment under the above guidelines, you will be given additional infor­mation on what to bring to your interview and the date and time of your emergency appointment. The kingstonvisas@state.gov e-mail is for emergency appointment requests only. Other inquires will not be answered, and should be directed to consulark-lngst@state.gov.