#ElectionJa – Meet Your MP: Patrick Atkinson

Attorney-at-law Patrick Atkinson, QC is the current Member of Parliament for the Trelawny Northern constituency. Here are some facts about him:

  1. He is Jamaica’s Attorney General, appointed to the position in January 2012.
  2. He is a graduate of the two oldest schools in Jamaica – The Manning’s School and Wolmer’s Boys.
  3. Atkinson obtained his Barrister-at-Law Degree at Inns Court School of Law, London, England in 1967 and was later called to the Bar of England.  He was admitted to practice in Jamaica in 1968.
  4. In 1982, he was admitted to practice at the California State Bar as well as the United States Federal Bar in the  Central District Court of California.
  5. In 1991, Atkinson was the recipient of the San Fernando Criminal Bar Association’s Trial Lawyer of the Year award, and also was honoured by Los Angeles County with a Commendation for “numerous contributions for the benefit of the citizens of  Los Angeles County.”

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