#ElectionJa – Meet Your MP: Everald Warmington

Whenever St Catherine South Western MP Everald Warmington makes the news, it is more likely that he has made yet another controversial statement, not for any good works in his constituency. Here are some more facts about him:

  1. He was born Clifford Everald Warmington in 1952, in Browns Hall, St Catherine.
  2. He attended Browns Hall All-Age School, St Andrew Technical High School (STATHS) before going on to the College of Arts, Science, and Technology (CAST) – now the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech). While at CAST, he was vice president of the students council (1974-1975).
  3. Warmington is a one time vice-president of the Jamaica Labour Party’s youth arm, Young Jamaica (1974-1978).
  4. He was a United States citizen at the time of his nomination for the 2007 general election, which means he was constitutionally ineligible to sit in Parliament. He subsequently renounced his US citizenship and in 2011, resigned as MP. A by-election was scheduled for leadership of the constituency, but he eventually ran unopposed.
  5. He is a former State Minister for Water and Housing, but was relieved of this duty by then-Prime Minister Bruce Golding following an outburst in which he told CVM-TV anchorwoman Kerlyn Brown to “go to hell” during a live programme.