#ElectionJa – Know Your Constituency: Trelawny Nothern

The constituency of Trelawny Northern consists of four electoral divisions – Duncans, Falmouth, Martha Brae, Sherwood Content and Wakefield.

The first Member of Parliament was the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Clement Mullings Aitcheson, who polled 2,759 votes to defeat independent candidates John William Maxwell (1,848), Alfred Nelson McDonald (277) and (619). He was succeeded by Douglas Allan (JLP), who polled 4,826 votes to best the People’s National Party’s (PNP) Luther Stillman Wakeland, who polled 2,948, and two independent candidates – Victor W Gentles, and Cedric Oswald Titus, who received 1,457 and 612 votes, respectively.

The PNP took its first hold on the seat in the 1967 election, when Titus beat the JLP’s Elliston Wakeland 4,852 votes to 4,773. He was succeeded by Desmond M Leakey, who defeated the JLP’s Allan 5,998 votes to 5,070 in 1976. With the exception of the snap election in 1983 that was boycotted by the PNP, Leakey never lost the seat, winning at subsequent polls until 1997, when he was succeeded by fellow Comrade Wendel E Stewart. Stewart polled 9,397 votes to beat the JLP’s Charles B Hosting (6,826) and the National Democratic Movement’s (NDM) Phillip G Service, who received 363 votes.

Trelawny Northern has remained PNP country since then, currently under the stewardship of the Hon Patrick Atkinson, who is also the Attorney General. He polled 10,869 votes to defeat the JLP’s Dennis Meadows and the Jamaica Alliance Movement’s (JAM) Ras Astor Black who received 8,548 and 57 votes, respectively.