#ElectionJa – Know Your Constituency: St James Central

In accordance with section 67 (7) of the Constitution of Jamaica, a Standing Committee of the House of Representatives notified the minister responsible for the conduct of elections by notice dated February 9, 2010 that it intended to consider making a report under subsection (5) of section 67 of the Constitution, in relation to the number of constituencies into which Jamaica should be divided and the boundaries thereof, for the purpose of election of members of the House of Representatives.

The constituency of St James Central was one of three new ones approved in time for the general election in 2011, taking the number of seats from 60 to 63. There are four electoral divisions – sections of Montego Bay North, Montego Bay South, Montego Bay West and Montego Bay South East, as well as Salt Spring.

The seat was won by the People’s National Party’s (PNP) Lloyd B Smith, who defeated the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Heroy Anthony Clarke 5,683 votes to 5,585.