Election Turnout by Percentage: 1962-2016

electorate turnout history with 2016

Some facts on Jamaica’s voting trends:

  1. The highest percentage of electorate turnout was in 1980, 86.1%
  2. The largest number of votes cast was in 2011, when 876,310 voters turned out to the polls
  3. In that year, the electorate had grown to 1,648,036 persons. This means that although 2011 marked the highest number of persons casting votes at the poll, only 53.17% of those eligible to vote did so.
  4. The electorate has grown from 796,540 eligible voters in 1962 to 1,824,410 in 2016
  5.  Since 1993, the percentage of eligible voters casting ballots has declined at each election, except in 2007, when there was a marginal increase
  6. At 47.72%, the election in 2016 recorded the lowest percentage voter turnout in Jamaica’s history since Independence, with the exception of the 1983 election that was boycotted by the PNP. 870,663 persons voted in this election.