Economy Update: End of February 2016

Economy Update feb 2016 (12)

Above is diGJamaica’s Economy Update for February 2016, showing the performance of key economic indicators and the percentage change compared to 12 months ago. For the percentage change comparison, green boxes or text indicate that the category’s value has improved since last year, while red boxes or text indicate that the category’s value has worsened since last year. Note, that the statistics provided for inflation, total debt and tourist arrivals are not for February 2016, but are the latest information available from the relevant sources up to that point.

Some of the most interesting takeaways from the update are the robust performance of the stock market, with the main index growing by almost 100% compared to a year ago, as well as marked growth of the tourism industry. For more information on Jamaica’s economic performance, check our frequently updated economic dashboards: